Report incident

On this page you can report an incident or complain to the Danish Red Cross.
After you have completed your report you will receive a confirmation receipt on your e-mail (in case you have provided an e-mail address). In cases you have not provided your e-mail you will only see a message on our website stating “Your report of incident is received at the Headquarter of Red Cross in Denmark”.

The information you provide will be read by the Director of Finance and Administration and the in-house lawyer and will be treated confidentially. 

Describing the incident: a guide

Please provide as many specific details as possible about your issue. Details should include:

  • The date and time the issue occurred and whether it is recurring
  • The people involved in the issue
  • The description of the issue
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please ensure that you do not provide details that will reveal your identity.
  • The reason you are reporting this issue

Please note fields marked with * are mandatory.

Example: I observed John Smith steal a laptop from the storage on March 8th, 2018 around 4 pm. The manager of the warehouse Johnny Peterson was at the warehouse and saw that John Smith carried out the laptop.
Example 1: Red Cross car on City Road, ABC City in FG country. Example 2: QRS Branch in Y region in YW land.

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