Danish Red Cross Complaints Mechanism

Danish Red Cross is committed to uphold a high-quality standard and accountability in our work, both in our national activities in Denmark as well as our international projects in other countries, therefore we encourage to an open communication. We strive to continually improve our work and therefore you are welcome to submit a complaint, feedback or comment.

Who can complain?

Everyone is welcome to use Danish Red Cross whistle blower and complaints mechanisms, including but not limited to employees, partners, members, volunteers, beneficiaries and donor. 

We do however encourage that comments and complaints over our work is raised directly we employees and managers in Danish Red Cross, that are close to the activity or incident.

If you are Danish Red Cross employee, and your concern is around bulling, alcohol, harassment or other staff related issues, you should preferably contact your manager or Danish Red Cross Human Resource Unit. These issues or other non-adherence to staff regulations should preferably be handled via already established internal procedures, but if need be or in doubt Danish Red Cross employees are always welcome to use this complaints mechanism.

Sensitive complaints

A sensitive complaint is typically a complaint or suspicion of misuse of funds, illegal acts or sexual exploitation including non-adherence to Danish Red Cross policies, guidelines or Code of Conduct.

Sensitive complaints are handled in confidentiality by only a few designated staff, that needs to know of the complaint/case.

You can read more about how we handle sensitive complaints in Danish Red Cross Whistle Blower Policy here.

Can I provide my complaint anonymously?

You can be anonymous when you report in this system. However, if possible, we encourage you to provide your name and contact details, for us to respond to your complaint and contact you directly if additional details are needed.

Danish Red Cross strive to keep all persons who use this system anonym. To ensure 100% anonymity, when you report, you need to consider following steps

  • Do not write any person information in the reporting form
  • You should copy the URL address into an Internet browser, instead of using the link
  • If you are employed by Danish Red Cross you should not report from your work computer
  • The computer/phone you use to report should not be connected to Danish Red Cross network

If you submit your contact information, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your complaint.

Protection of your personal information

If you submit your name and contact information or other personal information in connection with the complaint, Danish Red Cross will treat your information in accordance with our data protection rules, read more about Danish Red Cross protection of personal data rules here.

Sensitive complaints are treated in confidentiality.

How do I report?

You can report by filling in the formula below.