Danish Red Cross’ Tracing Service

The Red Cross and Red Crescent movement have been working to bring families back together since 1859. As a part of the global network Restoring Family Links (RFL), we work to keep families together and support those who have been separated by humanitarian crises such as conflicts, natural disaster and migration, back in contact.  

Every year, thousands of people loose contact with loved ones. The uncertainty maintains people in a vulnerable position, where worry and powerlessness become constant companions.  

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Have you lost contact with your family – or do you know of someone who has? 

Contact us on e-mail tracing@rodekors.dk or by phone 35 25 92 00.

A part of a unique global network

Danish Red Cross’ Tracing Service is a part of a unique global network, Restoring Family Links. Through our global collaboration, covering 192 countries, we have a unique access allowing us to recreate and maintain family contact and providing documentation of detention and contact with the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC).  


Searching for your family members

If you have lost contact to one or more family members, we can start up a search. Through the Restoring Family Links network, we have access to tracing in every country in the world, so we will be able to look for your family even if you are separated by borders. We will also support you with administrative issues or refer you to others who can help if need be. 


Red Cross Messages 

Red Cross has access to the most remote and closed areas, where we can pass along messages between family members. It has enormous meaning for the family to receive news from a missed and beloved family member.  

With a Red Cross Message, family members can send messages to their loved ones, when they are cut off from all other means of communication. 



The international Red Cross Committee (ICRC) has a unique access to visiting war prisoners and caring for the ill. If you have been a war prisoner, in a concentration camp or in any other way detained and have been registered by the ICRC, we can provide you with documentation thereof. This might help you to receive compensation or support for the wrongs you have experienced.


Trace the Face - an online search engine

Trace the face is an online search engine. Through which every single week, one case is solved. Please take a look at the website, and if you wish to have your own portrait and search on the site, contact us through tracing@rodekors.dk 

Go to Trace the Face

A free and confidential service

Everything you tell us will be confidential. We will not share your information with anyone without asking you first, and we will never charge you money for these services. 

Contact us through e-mail tracing@rodekors.dk or by phone 35 25 92 00.

Restoring Family Links

Our global network Restoring Family Links makes these efficient searches possible throughout the world.

Read more about RFL here.