Complaints and whistleblower

Feedback or complaints

The Danish Red Cross wants to maintain high standards and a high degree of responsibility in our work, both our local and national work in Denmark and our international work, and we want to continuously improve and therefore encourage dialogue.

You are therefore welcome to provide feedback, comments or submit any complaints about our work, including matters concerning our second-hand shops, by sending an email to 

However, we encourage comments and complaints about our work to be raised and discussed with the employees or volunteers responsible as far as possible.

If you are an employee and your concerns relate to such issues as co-operation difficulties, poor management, bullying, alcohol or other staff-related matters, you should contact your local management or the Danish Red Cross HR department. Matters such as these and minor violations of internal guidelines are generally handled via internal procedures.

Protection of your personal information

If you provide your name and contact information or other personal information in connection with your enquiry, the Danish Red Cross naturally processes your information in accordance with applicable data protection rules; read more about this in the Danish Red Cross privacy policy here.


The Danish Red Cross's whistleblower scheme gives participants in our activities, volunteers, employees, partners, members and citizens in general the opportunity to report suspicions of illegalities and serious matters in connection with Danish Red Cross activities, such as economic crime and sexual offences.

The scheme has been established in collaboration with Kammeradvokaten lawfirm, who is responsible for the initial processing of the enquiries.

Here's how to go about it

Reports to the Danish Red Cross whistleblower scheme are made via the whistleblower portal

When you access the site, you will find a reporting form, a description of the Danish Red Cross whistleblower scheme and a mailbox that makes it possible to communicate anonymously with the Danish Red Cross case officer.

You will receive an email from Kammeradvokaten lawfirm confirming that your report has been received.