The Danish Red Cross wants to prevent all forms of corruption, fraud, sexual violations and abuse of power. If you are aware of illegal acts or suspect that illegal acts or irregular behaviour is taking place within the Danish Red Cross, we would like to hear about it. We protect informants, which is why we have created this whistleblower portal for anyone who wants to report serious issues to us.

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Your report goes to our external partner, the Kammeradvokaten lawfirm, which assesses whether the case is covered by the whistleblower scheme.

The whistleblower scheme is for all citizens, employees, volunteers, partners and others.

All reports are treated confidentially, and you can read more about how we process reports received in our whistleblower policy.

The Red Cross Red Crescent consists of many independent organisations. If your report concerns a Red Cross or Red Crescent national society in a country other than Denmark, you can report your concerns to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) using the following reporting channels:

What can be reported?

You can report serious issues or suspected serious issues concerning Danish Red Cross activities. This could be misuse of financial means and criminal offences by the Danish Red Cross or by the Danish Red Cross' partners. They may also be sexual violations and circumstances that violate the Danish Red Cross' policies and Code of Conduct.

The Whistleblower scheme does not in principle cover co-operation difficulties, bullying, alcohol or other personnel-related matters that are handled internally by contacting your local management or the Danish Red Cross' HR Department.

The whistleblower scheme must, of course, be used if it is not possible to use the internal communication path.

A more detailed description can be found in our 'WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY'.  


The Danish Red Cross encourages you to provide your name in the report, as it can be difficult to investigate your case if you choose to remain anonymous. The Danish Red Cross ensures your anonymity to the greatest extent possible when we process the case.

If you wish to remain anonymous, we may communicate through a secure mailbox without you using your normal email address or giving your name. See more under 'Create a secure mailbox'. In addition, we recommend you do the following:

  • You should not submit a report from a Danish Red Cross work computer.
  • You should not use a computer connected to the Danish Red Cross network.
  • You must access the whistleblower system directly by copying the URL into an internet browser instead of using the link.
  • You should not provide your own personal information.

A more detailed description can be found in our 'WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY



Set up a secure mailbox

When you write to us, you have the option to choose being available as the handling of the case progresses by creating a secure mailbox. The Danish Red Cross recommends that you make yourself available, as we may not be able to complete the case without further information from you.

When you create a mailbox, you are assigned a case number and you choose a password yourself. With these you can log in to the mailbox to see whether you have been asked any questions.

Whether you are anonymous or provide your contact information, we encourage you to set up a secure mailbox. This makes it safer and easier to communicate with us.