Danish Red Cross


Climate change represents a global humanitarian crisis with increasingly severe consequences. The frequency and severity of climate-related disasters are on the rise and they are disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable people in the world.

How we Work with Climate-related Disasters

We aim to build resilience, reduce risk, and promote sustainability and we recognize that climate change poses a significant threat to vulnerable communities and exacerbates existing inequalities. While humanitarian response has been a cornerstone of our work for many years our Anticipatory Action programming is now positioning us at the forefront of disasters, minimizing the consequences of climate-related hazards.

  • Through our partnerships with local communities, governments, and other organizations we work to find innovative solutions to climate-related challenges.
  • We invest in disaster risk reduction and preparedness programs, eco-friendly practices, and climate awareness-raising initiatives to empower individuals and communities to take action.
  • We advocate for policies and practices that address the root causes of climate change and promote sustainable development.