Danish Red Cross


Millions of people suffer and many die from preventable diseases and a lack of access to essential healthcare services, particularly in areas affected by conflict, migration or displacement, natural disasters, and environmental/economic fragility. This is tragic at the individual, family, and community levels, and also negatively impacts the broader social and economic development of countries and regions.

How we work to reduce health risks

Improvements in the health sector are possible through appropriate investment and targeted strategies. In partnership with other national societies, Danish Red Cross works to save lives and reduce existing and emerging health risks and inequalities regarding access to healthcare for people living in vulnerable situations.

We seek to achieve this goal through the following health transformations and priority areas:

  • Prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic lung illnesses.
  • Health in emergencies such as during natural disasters, armed conflict, protracted crises and in fragile contexts.
  • Preparedness for and response to epidemics and outbreaks of communicable diseases such as cholera, measles and COVID-19.