Danish Red Cross

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Our current Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs covers 2022-2025 and channels a fixed amount of DKK 154 million into DRC’s international programmes annually.

Our biggest donor

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is our largest donor, and provides a valuable and flexible funding framework supplemented by geographic and thematic calls throughout the year. In addition to this, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the humanitarian responses of the wider Red Cross Movement with DKK 40 million each year. In 2022, the total contribution made by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs via Danish Red Cross was close to DKK 300 million.

Strategic alignment and engagement

Together, we address the human consequences of fragility, displacement, climate change, and conflict, in order to enable vulnerable people and communities to build resilience and better cope with protracted crises and shocks. We are determined to put people and their communities at the centre of our activities and provide inclusive support in the short-term and long-term perspectives.

The partnership is essential for allowing us to succeed in achieving our strategic priorities regarding healthy lives, effective disaster response, and safe and inclusive societies, and also supports the objectives of Denmark’s policy for development cooperation, “The World We Share” (“Fælles om Verden”).


Strategic Partnership with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Partner: The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Duration of agreement: 2022 - 2025

Annual contribution: DKK 154 million (not including top-ups and special grants, which in 2022 added another DKK 45 million to the fixed contribution).

Geographical scope: 19 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Areas of cooperation: Health (incl. mental health and psychosocial support; non-communicable diseases; emergency health, etc.), disaster relief, safety, and inclusion with a particular focus on mainstreaming a humanitarian, development, and peace nexus approach, and promoting localisation and innovative partnerships.