Turkey is the country in the world hosting the largest number of refugees. More than 3 million Syrian refugees have sought refuge in the country.

What we do from 10 community centers:

  • Offer vocational training and language courses (in Turkish and English) to enable refugees and local vulnerable people to become more self-supporting
  • Activities to improve interaction and social cohesion between refugees and host communities
  • Provide health care especially for children, and distribute hygiene packages to newborn
  • Sikrer sundhedspleje af særligt børn og uddeler hygiejnepakker til nyfødte
  • Offer legal referral service, and psycho social support for men, women and children

In addition, we will provide infrastructure for an Arabic school for 1500 Syrian children, and the storage of food, shelters, non-food items and more for urgent emergencies.



Syrian refugees live mostly in poor areas in Egypt’s biggest cities, mainly Cairo and Alexandria. Here, especially unregistered refugees can live anonymously and avoid being noticed by authorities and the risk of being detained or deported. These refugees are also the most vulnerable, as they are not eligible for aid from UNHCR as they are not registered as refugees. The poor living conditions increase the risk for diseases, and there is limited access to health care and medical assistance.

What we do in Alexandria and Cairo:

  • Offer vocational training to enable refugees to become more self-supporting (in some cases educated Syrian refugees will be the teachers)
  • Improve health through home visits, teaching and health care units
  • Provide health care to refugees out of range from permanent health facilities
  • Offer Psycho social support to vulnerable refugees
  • Support social inclusion of especially young Syrian refugees



Lebanon hosts more than one million refugees from Syria, and possibly hundreds of thousands of unregistered refugees. Thus, Lebanon is the country in the World hosting the largest number of refugees relative to its national population, amounting up to about one fifth of the entire population.

What we do in 45 local communities and 8 Palestinian camps:

  • Train locals in first aid, fire extinguishing and emergencies
  • Provide Health Care, medical assistance and psycho social support
  • Teach about health, hygiene and distribute hygiene packagest
  • Provide better sanitation in overcrowded Palestinian camps
  • Provide leisure activities for children and youth, and train locals in social issues
  • Develop local communities by installing water tanks and pumps, playgrounds and repairing electric cables



Up to a quarter million Syrian refugees have sought refuge in Iraq, who is under high pressure after several years of internal conflict and more than 3 million internally displaced Iraqis. The public finances are in a bad constitution caused by the economic crisis combined with increasing expenses to the fight against IS and declining oil revenues.

The health system suffers from lack of medicine and shortage on staff. In some areas, half of the health personnel is gone, and electricity and water supply is inadequate.

What we do in Iraq:

  • Offer vocational training for refugees and internally displaced through 5 job centers and a mobile unit for people in remote areas. Several will receive assistance to start own businesses
  • Train locals in first aid and contingency plans for their communities
  • Teach on Health, hygiene and distribute hygiene packages



More than 660.000 Syrian refugees have sought refuge in Jordan.

What we do in Jordan:

  • Offer vocational training to refugees and vulnerable people in host communities, assist them in starting their own businesses and support chosen people with initial capital and ongoing support
  • Teach especially youth about rights, dialog og diplomacy to support social cohesion in the host communities
  • Support local initiatives and activities that promote social cohesion
  • Teach on Health, for example by prevention of diseases, danger signals and more

The Red Cross and Red Crescent movement are assisting Syrian refugees who have sought refuge in the neighboring countries. EU has provided us with a large donation of 49 Million Euro, enabling us to assist one million Syrian refugees and their host communities over three years in the hosting countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

The program will improve well-being, resilience and foster peaceful co-existence among vulnerable refugee and host communities in countries affected by the Syria crisis, thus contributing to overall stability in the region. The project offers livelihood support, risk management, health and psycho social support.


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