What the clinic offers

The Health Clinic offers basic health care to people without a Danish CPR number and without health insurance. That is, for instance, consultation by medical doctor, nurses, pregnancy examinations, physiotherapy, and acute dental treatments. We do not offer health care for tourists and students. 

Our consultations are free of charge and the necessary medicine will be free for those patients who do not have the means to pay. 

At the clinic you will be met by health care professionals. We are doctors, nurses, midwives, bioanalysts, physiotherapists and dentists. We also have interpreters who can support with translation over the phone when needed. In addition, we have a network of specialists who provide voluntary assistance in their own private clinic or at the clinic outside regular opening hours. 

For information about which healthcare professionals are available at the clinics, please write sundhedsklinikken@rodekors.dk or call 3171 3164

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Sundhedsklinikken - blodtryk
Sundhedsklinikken - graviditet
Sundhedsklinikken - tænder

Contact the Health Clinic

If you have any questions to the Health Clinic, feel free to contact us. 

E-mail: sundhedsklinikken@rodekors.dk 

Phone: +45 3171 6164