Facts and funding

The Red Cross opened its first health clinic in Copenhagen in 2011 in collaboration with the Danish Medical Association and the Danish Refugee Council. Since then, it has opened three more clinics in Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. The four clinics are run and administered by the Danish Red Cross as a joint project with different addresses.

All clinics are registered with the Danish National Board of Health as private clinics, which means that the National Board of Health supervises the clinics and has approved that we comply with all regulations for running a private clinic. 

Spørgsmål ikon


Support the Health Clinic

With your support, the Health Clinic can continue providing essential health care for those outside the Danish public health system. 



Send SUNDHEDSKLINIK to 1290 and support with 150 kr.

Contact the Health Clinic

If you have any questions to the Health Clinic, feel free to contact us. 

E-mail: sundhedsklinikken@rodekors.dk 

Phone: +45 3171 6164